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War of the Egos

Understand that in every word that “I” write, the egos of those that oppose “me” are at lightening speeds constructing oppositional words, antonyms, in their minds to suppress, to relinquish and to entirely obliterate every bit of existence in the original intent of the words. But it is not the people that are doing so, it is the nature of the ego that is at hand. Therefore, we are never in opposition to the people, we are always in opposition to the egos of the individuals.

Look carefully at your friend and your enemy. They are composed of skin, muscles, veins, arteries, capillaries, cells, blood, tissues, organs and so on. Ask yourself, where is my friend? Where is my enemy? Where is the person that opposes me? Look closely, they do not exist. You are opposed to nothing but the ego itself. Your false representation of you is threatened by the false representation of them.

You want money? Become rich and your enemies will say you attained it by false means. You want fame? Become famous and your enemies will say you do not deserve it.          You want status? Become a CEO and your enemies will say there is a better company.

An opposing ego may never give room to our achievements, goals and dreams. Why? Because the second it does, it falls apart. An opposing ego must go to great lengths to survive a change in view. Thus, we must blissfully understand that in the nature of this opposition, we should never rely or derive worth from other egos because they may never provide support. In the desperate breaths of attaining validation from an individual, we are the mercy of their egos. We cannot blame a given person because they are at the mercy of their egos. It is time to free ourselves by understanding our own egoic constitution and rising beyond the limitations of the body and mind. Before rising, however, we must construct our own egos in alignment with the virtues, values and principles following the path of inner peace. Let not the ego be tempted by dominance but rather attracted to watchfulness. Let it not control in the constricted palms of overworked hands but freed from fingertips feeling the last slender and delicate leg of a butterfly taking flight. And in doing so, with vigilant observation, light will shine upon the axiom that this is not a war of people, but rather, a war of egos.

Who am I?

-Hemal P. Trivedi


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