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Serenity begins with an inquiry into the Self.

My name is Hemal Trivedī and I am a lifelong student. I have dedicated my graduate and undergraduate studies to the fields of Indian Philosophy and Psychology.
I firmly believe that the philosophies of ancient India and modern psychology can intersect and greatly contribute to our psychological well-being. Most of my research is concerned with the topics of Yoga, the psychology of mind, Meditation (Mindfulness, Chanting), Self, Narrative Formation, Meaning Making and many other topics. I am particularly drawn to Sāṅkhya/Yoga philosophy which delineates the nature of the immaterial and material world and how the practitioner is required to engage his/her mind to achieve psychological and soteriological goals.
I greatly enjoy writing prose-poetry, spoken word and short stories. I am fascinated with self-study and introspection. Understanding oneself is a never ending process which yields great insight into our healthy and maladaptive behaviors. For this reason, I believe self-inquiry, asking “why”, and silence are powerful tools for self-knowledge.

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Narendra Desai (Grandfather) || Vedic Astrologer, Lawyer, Indian Independence Freedom Fighter.
My grandfather often quoted a line from Longfellow’s Psalm of Life to describe the virtue of perseverance and a quality belonging to the planet Śani (Saturn).