Academy of Indian Philosophy



Hemal Trivedi has been a student of mine who has studied different courses under me such as Hindu Philosophy, Bhagavad Gītā and Nyāya. He is a very dedicated, enthusiastic, and sincere student. He has the zeal to integrate Vedic knowledge and understand it in a modern context. He is a deep thinker and a good writer. He loves to propagate Vedic knowledge for the benefit of humanity and is especially interested in Vedic views on psychology. He has been to our āśrama in Vrindavan a few times and he loves to participate in our spiritual practices.
Satya Narayana Dasa
Founder and Director || Jiva Institute of Vedic Studies || Vrindavan, India
I have been continuously impressed with Hemal Trivedi since we first met in the Fall of 2014, when he was a student in my Buddhism class at Rutgers University. To my pleasant surprise, after graduating that winter, the university hired him to be my teaching assistant that Spring for a course entitled Eastern Religious Traditions. I instantly noticed that Hemal is a natural and gifted instructor, who students immediately appreciate. Since that time, we have kept in contact through his graduate studies. As his knowledge of Indian philosophy has long since surpassed my own—I specialize in Tibetan Buddhism—I frequently turn to him for clarification of subtle points, and he has also acted as a guest lecturer for my Non-Western Philosophies course at Troy University. Hemal’s current ventures teaching online are quite exciting and I am sure his students will feel quite fulfilled by his thoughtful and introspective courses.
Jay H. Valentine
Professor of Philosophy || Troy University
Hemal became completely dedicated to Yoga practice and philosophy from his very first encounter with our Hindu philosophy courses at Rutgers. He has gone on to graduate studies in the field, and is dedicating his life to deepening his understanding of the classical traditions. Hemal is especially committed to finding ways of engaging ancient models of mind and consciousness with modern scientific frames of references, so as to share the insights of the ancient Indian sages more broadly within our present cultural moment. He has my appreciation and every best wish.
Edwin Bryant
Professor of Hinduism || Rutgers University
Hemal was my student during an intensive course on Indian philosophy during Fall 2016. He has a passion for classical thought, combined with a drive to make it intelligible and applicable to modern concerns. I look forward to seeing the way he bridges gaps between traditional thought systems and modern psychology.
Matthew R. Dasti
Professor of Philosophy || Bridgewater State University


Hemal has helped me put a framework around my study of Indian Philosophy and in particular the Yoga Sutras. I started working with him before I enrolled for a Yoga Teacher Training programme and it was of real benefit to have a grasp of the context and key ideas in the Yoga Sutras beforehand. Wishing you all the very best as you create the Academy!
Naina Bachchan
Hemal is a fantastic and very dedicated instructor. He has a strong passion for teaching Indian philosophy and I appreciate the way he breaks down the concepts to make it easy for anyone to understand. I took his Yoga Philosophy course and appreciate the way he broke down the important concepts of Patajali’s Yoga Sutras. As a new asana instructor, taking this course specifically has helped provide me with a stronger foundation and confidence in what I’m teaching. His energy and passion for the subject keeps students engaged and makes an hour fly by quickly. Hemal also makes sure his students understand key concepts by asking important questions and really getting them to think critically about the topic. He is very understanding and patient when it comes to answering questions and doesn’t mind going back to previous lessons if needed. I actually appreciated the way he would connect some of the later sutras to the very beginning of the text allowing his students to see the full picture. Overall, having Hemal as an instructor was a great experience and I highly recommend him for anyone who’s interested in learning Sanskrit or more about Yoga/Indian philosophy!
Jianna Shah
Yoga Āsana Instructor
Working with Hemal Trivedi is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my quest to learn Sanskrit. That journey began years ago. I have shelves of dictionaries, books, and binders to show for it. Recently, I heard an online teacher say, “You can’t learn Sanskrit from a book.” I can vouch for that! But today’s glut of internet opportunities presents a modern problem: how to find the right teacher to guide you through the vast landscape of Sanskrit technicalities and references.

When I discovered Hemal’s YouTube videos, I watched them repeatedly. His friendly presentations make Sanskrit feel accessible, undaunting. Hemal’s enthusiasm and love for the language is contagious. When he made the announcement of online tutoring, I jumped on the opportunity. Since working with Hemal I’ve noticed great progress in my Sanskrit knowledge, understanding, and pronunciation. I find him flexible and sensitive to my interests while being dedicated to the discipline required to learn Sanskrit, the most majestic of languages.
Svāmī Chityānanda Sarasvatī
As a yoga practitioner, Sanskrit is an important tool to directly understand the wisdom offered by the ancient sages. Hemal is an excellent teacher, not only because of his solid knowledge, but also his teaching attitude and passion for India’s ancient philosophy. English is not my native language. At first, I was worried about learning Sanskrit by using English, but now I am worry-free. Hemal is very sensitive, patient, quickly knows a student’s thoughts and guides them immediately. I am very happy that learning can transcend language. Now when I read the sūtras, I feel more connected with the ancient sages and my Guruji. It’s so beautiful.
Michelle Yang
Yoga Practitioner