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Triumph in Defeat

In difficult times, there will be immense pain, humiliation and coldness. The world will not understand us and we may feel abandoned. The world will treat us without compassion, honesty, sympathy, sensitivity and justice. The eyes of those who once supported you will have a different look, missing that sparkle of love that once existed. No matter what words we say, no matter how coherent and logical we are, no matter how honest we are, no matter how loud we cry out, the world may stare at us, laughing, in pleasure at our greatest defeat.

It is in this very moment, precisely in this very moment, that we Rise. This moment, right here, is the time where you feel and analyze every movement within your body. Staying with these horrible feelings of insecurity, worthlessness, fear, depression and darkness, we smile at these enemies within as they CANNOT and WILL NOT take us.

Take note, that in the process of recovery, the world may not support you. Everyday, in every interaction, the unaware will constantly invalidate emotions and realizations. Let them go, let them all go. Remove them from your grip. This is where you confide in only those you trust and most importantly yourself. And in the process, let the honest, sincere and sensitive people help you. Do not deny them.

Within us, there is infinite power to resist the inconsistencies of society and embody the virtues that will make this world a better place. No matter how much society tried to shake Socrates, he stood firm in his conviction. Why do we need others to agree with us? Look deep into the mirror, into your eyes. Can they really defeat us? Can they really determine how we live? Can they really make us feel these horrible feelings? It will take time, but in time, we will realize that they cannot.

This is the time we listen to our inner voices, our intuitions, our feelings. Awareness is our closest friend. Confide in awareness, confide in Truth. Never give up. This is our responsibility.

We must be entirely Honest with ourselves. Admit every fear. The reason why people lie is because they are unaware of themselves. They are unaware of their inner feelings and emotions, put on appealing clothes, and talk loudly in public. Do not be fooled by this. Chances are that the louder people act, the more likely they are unaware of themselves. Just quietly watch and take refuge in the brilliant spiritual leaders, psychologists, philosophers and freedom fighters of history. They are with us. Pick up ancient teachings, learn about Desire, human weaknesses. Inquire into your identity, look at your body and ask “Who am I?” The very night sky that you look to for answers is the same one that Rāmānujan, Newton, Plato, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jiddu Krishnamurti, Jung and others have stared into.

If we stick to Truth, if we do our work Honestly, with Sincerity, all enemies will be defeated. Because only with Truth, our voices become firm, our convictions become unbreakable, our emotions become directed. We become invincible.

In this defeat. I am with you. I will serve you. I will comfort you.

Let us recover, so that we can help others do the same.

-Hemal P. Trivedī

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