Academy of Indian Philosophy


Traditional Lens

Like the ancient Vedic educational system, we engage in a verse by verse, sūtra by sūtra, śloka by śloka analysis of the original text in the language of Sanskrit. While analyzing the main verses, we dive into the brilliant minds of the commentators and learn how they elucidate the often enigmatic meanings of śāstra. Reading the vast Indian Philosophical literature, we get a glimpse into how a Yogin, Vaiṣṇava, Śaiva, Śakta, Baudha, Jaina, etc. would understand the mind, reality, God and many other topics.

Psychological Lens

We read, analyze and discuss modern psychological literature surrounding the subjects of meditation, desire, sensual perception, anxiety, depression, stress and many more. We discuss parallels and discrepancies between the psychological theories outlined in śāstra and modern psychology. Most importantly, we ask how relevant and applicable are these topics to our lives.
Drawing from a variety of psychological disciplines: Cognitive, Neurocognitive, Clinical Health, Social, Evolutionary, Psychobiological, Developmental, etc. we study psychological literature, experimental design, statistics and conclusions that are most relevant to our textual interests and personal endeavors.